Nutete Project

I believe each person is a solution or carries a solution to a problem in this world. However, it takes someone else to call out that God given potential that we have. I love doing that: identify key people, call out their potential, dream, plan and partner with them to start a business or an endeavor to end poverty in their community or simply stimulate human flourishing.

I was born in Togo and spent a significant amount of time there. During my first year of University in Lome, I found out that many young adults in my country were bright and educated but couldn’t find jobs. Some resolved to do small jobs here and there or start a small business that consists of selling something. Some like me decided to leave the country to go study and work abroad. According to a IMF report, there is 8.1 percent unemployment and 20.5 percent underemployment among young adults in Togo.

In 2015, I spent a month in Lome, Togo and spoke with some young adults and NGOs leaders. As a result, I shared the idea behind the Nutete project and it was well received.

“Nutété” is from the Ewe (or Mina) language of Togo (West Africa). It means “Potential” or “Capacity”.

Vision: To stimulate a culture of entrepreneurship among young adults who are educated and jobless or underemployed in order to support and encourage them to start income generating endeavors.

My long term vision is that “Nutété” will help create more jobs in Togo and serve as one of the many ways we end poverty in my country.

Mission: Organize conferences and working groups that gather young educated adults to help them polish their income generating ideas, connect them to resources (financial et al) and launch them.

Find key leaders among them and train them to identify other key people, call out their potential, dream, plan and partner with them to bring human flourishing. And these leaders that will be trained will keep training other leaders.

Target Group: Young educated adults

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