Experiencing Goodness in all Seasons

What does it look like to taste and see the goodness of God in all seasons of life? To notice his winks Some days like yesterday morning I had to choose between buying a cup of coffee or saving those few dollars for a bus pass. Of course, my practical side said – coffee is the [...]


Seeking Refuge

I was born in the capital city of Togo, a small country nested in the southern part of Western Africa, in the mid-80’s. One of my earliest memories growing up in Lomé, is of a woman and her young son sitting in our living room and talking to my mom about their experience in Rwanda [...]

Waves and Surrender

Midnight rang, it's a new year, 2017! I entered it surrounded by amazing friends. I was tired from staying up late but possibly from the aching in my body that started the morning prior. I went to bed shaking with a fever, wondering if I had the flue but couldn’t deny that the pain started [...]