Waves and Surrender

Midnight rang, it’s a new year, 2017! I entered it surrounded by amazing friends. I was tired from staying up late but possibly from the aching in my body that started the morning prior. I went to bed shaking with a fever, wondering if I had the flue but couldn’t deny that the pain started with simple news that led to some crying and some more crying. It occurred to me then, perhaps the pain I had ignored the past few months suddenly came rushing provoked by this simple news. It was linked to painful memories. I paused and remembered: he is near to the brokenhearted and he saves those who are crushed in spirit. I reached out to some friends and family and asked for prayer because prayer always works and it did. The cloudiness lifted, by his wounds we are healed. I finally fell asleep despite the aching and the fever.

Then I had a dream, a healing and daring dream. I was standing on the beach by the ocean watching the waves wash over the shore. Someone then told me to come closer and to feel the water. I did, and waves came washing over my feet. Then I thought I could sit down and feel more of the water. I did, the waves came again and washed over half  my body. Then I thought I could lay down and let it wash over my whole body and I did and it washed over me.

I woke up with less fever and aches in my body. I remembered the dream and thought perhaps that’s what surrendering looks like: letting the waves wash over me completely with no fear because he commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him. This is my invitation to surrender it all to Jesus once again in 2017 because he is the good shepherd who knows his sheep, and his sheep knows him just as the Father knows him, and he knows the Father, and he lays down his life for the sheep. May this year be a year of deeper surrendering to the Lord and all that he has for you. Happy New Year 2017!


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