Nutete Project: Beginning

On December 26, 2015, 2 days before I left Togo, I met with these 4 young adults (Photo above) in Lome, Togo to dream and plan with them about ways to awaken and launch the potential in young educated and unemployed adults in Togo. Our project is called “Nutete” which means “potential” in one of the languages spoken in Togo.

From left to right (in the above photo) we have (Gloria, Rachel, Daniel and Elom) who for now are the main leaders of the project as they are all located in Lome, Togo. We are anticipating few more to join them soon. My role will only be to serve as an advisor, supporter, trainer and resource finder for them from my current location in Minneapolis or from wherever I will be. In the left  column are the next steps for the project. Please be praying with us about them. Click here for more explanation about the Nutete project. 

Next Steps for Nutete

  • Register Nutete as a legal association in Togo.
  • Raise $500 to launch Nutete project through a one day conference around mid-February of 2016. This conference will gather 150 young adults.
  • Upcoming Conference Goals
    • Promote Nutete
    • Encourage a culture of Networking and team work
    • Help the participants see and display the potential in them and help them brainstorm through small working groups how to use it to generate income and help the society flourish
    • Find key young adults who have ideas to start an income generating endeavor, give them further training and connect them with resources.

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