Impossible is Your Middle Name

I am fascinated  by “impossible things”. I would say this fascination has a mixture of excitement and fear. In the past, fear almost always took over and my prayers ended up being something like “yeah God, just keep things at a manageable level for me”, as in I will only attempt what I am sure I can handle and succeed at. Perhaps once in a while, I dared say “yeah God, I think I am crazy but yeah, I will jump off this imaginary cliff and sort of half believe you will catch me. Or at the very least you will perhaps make sure I don’t die”. One of my favorite blog author Elisabeth Adams wrote the following:

Sometimes God immerses us in impossibilities. Other times, I think He merely beckons: Would you like to trust Me here? Perhaps in forced encounters with the impossible, we grow the spiritual muscle necessary for more audacious requests. A boldness of faith that dares — when He dares you — even to take on new obligations and new responsibility, willing to show that in this condition, too, my God is enough — and more. But who would voluntarily put themselves in such a place? Who hears the call to constant out-on-a-limb reliance on God and says, “Sign me up!””With men this is impossible,” says Jesus.”But all things are possible with God.”

I’ve had my share of “force encounters with the impossible”. I am only now learning to embrace them instead of running away from them. My prayer for you and me today is that we embrace the impossible when it presents itself but also that we dare to voluntarily say “yeah God, sign me up for more impossibilities, and let them all become possibilities for the glory of your name”.


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