Community Life and Transformation

One of Seg-Way key new initiatives is to help students start Witnessing/Discipling Communities off campus among the poor.  I am excited about the partnership with Hope Unlimited. Hope Unlimited is a non-profit organization based in Brazil that helps street children by providing them a productive future and eternal hope. I will be sharing more about this work in an upcoming post.

On a different note, I want to share about the transformation that occurs in us when we choose to live intentionally in a community. It’s a kind of transformation that starts from the inside and mirrors on the outside. The one that changes our spirit and soul and reflects in our character as we relate to God and to one another in a community. Sharing space with one or more people that aren’t family in a sense of blood relation builds character. It reveals and kills our selfishness if we allow it.  It teaches us to put our needs and wants after other people needs and wants. Most of all, it is a great avenue to learn to forgive others after repeated offenses and to forgive ourselves when we fail to extend grace over and over. It finally forces us to reach beyond our strengths and to trust a God who “has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness”. 2 Peter 1: 3 . It has been a privilege to hear testimonies of this transformation occurring in many of the residents at our Christian Community house.

Please, be praying with me for financial provision.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving break :)!


One thought on “Community Life and Transformation

  1. Amen Ameido. I don’t live in a community per se, unless living at home can be compared to your setting, but i can definitely affirm that what you say is true about building character. And I think we must engage intentionally in the process or else we may be building another type of character that becomes too hard to unlearn or get rid of. Thank you for quoting 2 Peter 1:3. We certainly need to remember that we can tap into his divine power – that it is at our disposal – but sometimes we fail to realize that. Blessings are yours in Christ Jesus, may you continue to blossom in the knowledge of Him who continuously empowers you to live for His Glory.
    Love you much dear sister,
    Happy Thanksgiving. And thank you for all that you do for the Kingdom.
    Your friend,
    Alex B.


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