My name is Ameido and I am a campus missionary. I train students around the world and launch them into their full potential as sons and daughters of God.


Prayer is powerful and is an opportunity to partner with God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. To hear and speak with confidence the dreams and passions that are deposited in our heart by God. Thank you for praying for me to courageously  continue the work of a missionary in the United States and around the world.

Financial Support

Universities are the training ground for current and future leaders of all sectors in societies. Your financial support will allow me to bring a Christ centered training to these future leaders, enabling them to become mature in who they are in Christ, thus influencing their field of study, work and passion for the glory of God and human flourishing. Donate here

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Mentorship is when I work one on one with students and future leaders. It is customized to where the individual is at in life with an emphasis on listening, praying and encouraging.

Team Training

The Team training is where you are supported and challenged with three or more people to experience and know that God is good and to learn to enjoy him and become the influencer he has made you to be.

International Missions

International Missions gives you the privilege to join a team I co-lead for a short-term trip/long-term partnership with communities around the world where we serve by bringing human flourishing.

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Seeking Refuge

I was born in the capital city of Togo, a small country nested in the southern part of Western Africa, in the mid-80’s. One of my earliest memories growing up in Lomé, is of a woman and her young son sitting in our living room and talking to my mom about their experience in Rwanda […]

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