My name is Ameido and I serve as a campus missionary to the University of Minnesota where I mentor students as they navigate the changing scenery of life in their college years. I also write and share about spiritual formation and maturity from a christian tradition. I believe everyone can taste and see that God is good. I love praying for people, listening and counseling. Feel free to reach out to me.

Financial Support

Universities are the training ground for current and future leaders of all sectors in societies. I have to raise my own salary for the work I do. Thus, your financial support will allow me to continue to mentor students as they go through a season of life where they learn the skills to continually integrate all aspects of their life. Donate here

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Mentorship is when I work one on one with students and future leaders. It is customized to where the individual is at in life with an emphasis on listening, praying and encouraging.

Team Training

The Team training is where you are supported and challenged with three or more people to experience and know that God is good and to learn to enjoy him and become the influencer he has made them to be.

International Missions

International Missions gives you the privilege to join a team I co-lead for a short-term trip/long-term partnership with communities around the world where we serve by bringing human flourishing.

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